Friday, April 10, 2009

In This Crazy world

We seem to have lost site of reality
biting tongues so much our lips are bloody
this muddy vision of life 
but if you clean your lens, & when it gets hard lean on me
cause when the lens is clean
the sun gleams, the brightness shall blind you
I promise!
wait, are they even listening?
& they all yell NONSENSE!!!
-anonymous <3

I don't fancy you too much child!

One thing I hate is a pretty girl with low-self esteem. I mean I don't really give a flyin fuck about a bitch & her personal issues but when they involve me then yea I have a major issue. I mean what aren't you happy about? You get everything in the world but yet your still unhappy. There's a problem & you need to someone to help you fix it because as of now, You & I will never ever be what they call "friends" your insane ! Anywho, Virginia is given me the BLUES, all of these dumb ass country muthafuckas out here without a clue in the world what else life has to offer because all they know is this dumb ass place. I hate fuckin police! They hide out in little parking lots, corners, anywhere their cars can fit!!! The weather makes this place even more depressing because one day it rains, then the next it snows, the next it decides to be 75 degress! I can't take it. I wanna run away & never come back again. 2 more years & I'm done!! I think I can manage until then. :-)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Like a moth to a flame burned by a fire."

I think im getting that tatted!!! lol