Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2nd!

Snow in the beginning of March? Oh well F*** it ! My neighbors & I made a snow man & threw snowballs at one another. GOODMORNING ! :-) This weekend reminded me why I didn't want to go to Howard, it's absolutely UGLY in DC! lol. Even though it might have way more to offer than Hampton, Virginia. I couldn't live out there. My weekend consisted of drive bys, being lost, being threatened lmao, smiles, we went to mars on Friday & Jupiter on Saturday! i miss.... anyways ummm theres so much to say but most of it i'll just keep to myself because somethings are better left unsaid ! :-/ All im going to say if What if? & WHy?! :( 

P.S. I knew Chris Brown & Rihanna were going to get back together!


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