Monday, February 16, 2009

Can't Judge a Book By It's Cover, That's For Damn Sure! (smh)

Homie: a person who I can call to go with me to the club or shopping. Never telling my personal business only certain things. I mean we cant seem to trust people these days! People
turn on you quicker than a turtle racing to the finish line, lol & they say turtles are slow well hell a person will lead u on & all this other bs then next thing you know. THERE'S AN ISSUE!

Friends: See my UNCLE NICK always use to stop me whenever I let the "word" friend come out my mouth! "You don't have friends, their associates" He never lied ! The dictionary says that a 1. friend is a person you know well & regard with affection & trust. 2. An associate who provides cooperation or assistance 3. A person with whom you are acquainted 4. a person who backs a politician or team etc; I found 1 person that fits this title but I don't give her the title of a friend or bestfriend more like my lifetime a.k.a. the mother of my 1st child lol my Naked Mole Rat !

There are people that I just say Hi & Bye to & then there's people who'd I'd rather not say a
word to ! This isn't directed directly to anyone because I go by "If it isn't directed directly to me I don't respect it."

Please Keep in mind that its very rare that you'll find someone who you can TRUST & won't turn their back on you regardless of what the situation may be!

I've never been a people's person & I don't plan on it now. Muthafucka's come & GO! I should know i've experienced it all through out my life !

bye now. :-)