Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hampton, Va

It's really boring out here, im ready to go home & be with people who puts a smile on my face. 
Every week there's some new drama, I feel like im in high school again! 
im the type of person who doesnt really get alone with people. Most of the time i can be a bitch
& others i can be really nice. People often test me sometimes it gets to me im not gonna lie
esp. if I really cared about that person but then I start to ponder about the situation & I brush 
that nonsense off because life is too short to be worried about the small things. I need to be worried about where Im going to be in the next 5 years ! so my new model is Money or Nothing! Hell thats the only thing thats goin to help me survive through the rest of the bullshit that this world has to offer ! SHOUTOUT to BARANESE (a.k.a.) my "bestfriend" lol. 
smh, i could get really ignorant. but im working on me & tryin to leave all that **** alone! 

Afterall, they come they go ! "FRIENDS" that is but I don't believe in that word & people continue to prove me wrong with the exceptions of a couple people.

goodbye for now ! 

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